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So anyway

This is my blog. I hope I can keep it up! Below you will see the latest entry, and below that links to older content.

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My favourite author is Jerome K. Jerome. He is most famous perhaps, for his novel, "Three Men In A Boat" although I feel memory of him is fading. Jerome was an author in the 19th Century who became very successful - according to Wikipedia, "Three Men In A Boat" has never been out of print.

I love Jerome's writing because of his exquisite use of the English language, the fact that he sometimes makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts, and that sometimes he makes me cry, evoking strong emotions with his descriptive prose. Recently I delved again into the classic work, "Idle Thoughts of An Idle Fellow" and came across the following passage. It speaks of the relationship between men and women, and the real power that exists in that relationship. To me it speaks of a lost attitude which might be good to recover. Perhaps you will agree.

You may find this lengthy, but I want to commend to you the passage on chivalry in particular, which I will post first. Jerome's works are now public domain, so no copyright is infringed in posting this excerpt. Remember he was a humour writer ("If it is insured") - yet his commentary is priceless. It causes me to lament a little.


Here's that passage on Chivalry

"And yet, women, you could make us so much better if you only would. It rests with you, more than with all the preachers, to roll this world a little nearer heaven. Chivalry is not dead: it only sleeps for want of work to do. It is you who must wake it to  noble deeds. You must be worthy of knightly worship."


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