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I've been thinking about this verse for a few weeks now. I was reading from the Amplified Version - you know, the one that adds all kinds of context and explanation right in the text - and where it says "in truth" the Amplified adds in brackets "reality". We worship from our spirit to God's Spirit in truth and reality. 

I had to stop and think about the reality of things...

Sometimes reality isn't always that... pretty. Or easy. Or fun. Sometimes the reality of things is overwhelming, and hard, and distressing, and painful. And yet, in the middle of these things we're called to worship Him. How??

As I was sitting with Jesus thinking about these things, I was reminded that while we face all kinds of trials and hurdles and hard things (reality), the reality of our identity in Him is not based on or swayed by any of these things. In fact, whatever happens in this life, we know that we are secure with Him - that we are loved, chosen, accepted, filled, complete, joined to Him, inheritors of the Kingdom and co-heirs with Jesus... the children of God. That's the reality of the situation, whatever is happening in front of me!

And as I sat more, God reminded me of His consistency and faithfulness. The reality of His character and personality is unchanging! In every circumstance, He's trustworthy. In every circumstance He's good. In every circumstance He loves you. And so we worship in spirit and in truth, out of the reality of who we are in Him... out of the reality of who He is to and for us... Cuz in all things, He's the very best!


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