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Feb 26 2017

A couple of days ago there was an action by witches all around the world to cause the fall of the American government. This was an action coordinated on a worldwide scale.

The T.V. series, "The Last Kingdom" (which, to give fair warning, is graphic and violent as it acccurately portrays the invasion of the Vikings in 6th century England) tells the story of the King of Wessex, the last small kingdom in England to resist the invasion of the Danes. The Christian King, Alfred, has a vision for a United Kingdom of all England, but the battle is more than that. If Wessex falls the Christian future of the country will be lost. The pagans will impose their religion on the people.
It comes to one last battle and the king has sent word to all who would rally for the fight. He arrives at the meeting place and no one is there. He stands on the hill top and looks and waits. Eventually there is a movement in the treetops, and emerging from the trees come the men who have responded, carrying every weapon they can find. The King declares, "The Swords of England!"

In this time of spiritual battle, we are in a war between two kingdoms. Is it the last battle? Perhaps not, but the stakes are as high as in the last surviving Kingdom of England. There is a call to the warriors of the kingdom to rise up. Rise up, church, rise up and fight.
I see the Swords of Heaven coming out of the woods and gathering to fight in unity and with common objectives. It is a battle for the Kingdom.


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