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Oh, I get it now. 

If you can cloud the issue..... if you can confuse the logic and the arguments.... If you can repeat the lie(s) long enough.....  you can put down resistance, because no one is quite sure what is true.

This is the first thing I have written about the pandemic. Actually, its not about the pandemic. Let me preface my thoughts with a challenge. If you think that Christians should not be “political” I ask that you consider two things: First, what is the literal meaning of the word, “Political” and second what does the bible say about kings, nations, and government?*

Then consider this: what do you understand to be the role of believers in the earth today? Beyond getting saved and enjoying God and all that He has given us, what is our purpose? I believe that, as the song says, we are to be “calling all the nations to [His] praise.” and to “act justly and show mercy”. “To release the chains of oppression” - this requires having influence. I am not advocating political action for political outcomes, as if replacing one political party with another will solve everything. No, but to be effective in our spiritual mission we must have practical freedom to function and people must have freedom of conscience and belief. We should try to hold on to this for as long as it is possible as the days grow darker and the love of many grows cold.

Since 1993 I have been calling for the church to “Stand Up!” and now for some time to wake up and speak up. We have been given an opportunity to practice, and I am concerned we have not done well.

The wrong voice and the wrong message. 

The problem with sending out many opinion pieces which are poorly written, poorly reasoned and therefore not credible, and sending out conspiracy theories which are unfounded and wild allegations, based on a half-truth, and instructions on how to avoid the tyranny and oppression of laws that don’t exist in situations that don’t exist, such as a law to compel you to receive a vaccine that hasn’t been invented; the trouble with such things is that they undermine and deflect from the real situations and concerns which surround government overreach and the loss of constitutional rights and freedoms. 

In Ontario we have been under an extended state of emergency for months now. Initially the state of emergency declarations in all jurisdictions were aimed at containing the spread of a virus so that our health care infrastructure would not be overwhelmed and treatment would be available for everyone who needed it. There were not enough supplies and equipment to handle the expected reach of the illness. This has not been the case now for quite some time. No state of emergency exists any more. Politicians elected by the people cannot keep pressing “snooze” on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms indefinitely. There have been claims from many quarters that the “goal posts have been moved”. At a national level there is no end in sight to the restrictions placed on the people of our nation. This is wrong.

Don’t Silence the Saints

There is another error I have seen recently which potentially has terrible ramifications in the contest between the world and the Kingdom of God: A pastor, well known nationally and internationally posted on Facebook a compliment about the compassionate heart of the Prime Minister. Along with that he put a warning not to post any negative comments about the man, because that is “not biblical” and therefore this pastor will “not allow such comments to be made.”

Here’s the problem: Protecting and complimenting the one who hates the church and silencing the voice of the saints. One who hates the church is under the influence of a spirit of anti-Christ. If the person hates the church, they hate God, as described in 1 John chapter 4, verse 20. This problem is compounded by the notion that to speak out against political leaders is “unbiblical”. This is not true.

The concept of always submitting to political leaders because they are “appointed by God” comes from misapplying the instructions in the book of Romans chapter 13, in the first few verses. There it is stated, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”

Perhaps the problem begins with mistaking the word, “government” to mean political government instead of church government. There are some problems with this passage if we simply take it that everyone in political leadership is there because God put them there. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you would have to conclude that it surely cannot be the case. Think of the extreme examples - Hitler, Polpott, Lenin, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao, Nero and other Caesars, and countless other ungodly and murderous leaders. I’m telling you that God did not appoint those people to slaughter the innocents. God did not put Nero in power to crucify thousands of Christians and use their crucified and burning bodies as “night lights” on the streets of Rome. 

Further, God would be saying one thing and doing another if the above passage was referring to how we respond and relate to earthly governments. He appointed Elijah to speak out against the ungodly king, Ahab, and his wife Jezebel. Ahab called Elijah the enemy of Israel. (Think, “Enemy of the State!”) Elijah denied it. In the New Testament John the Baptist was thrown in jail for speaking out against King Herod. Jesus called him the greatest prophet.

The Romans 13 passage, on more careful examination, both of the context and original language, seems pretty clearly to be talking about spiritual leaders - “they are servants (“Diakonos” - deacons) of God.” (Verse 4) 

There are two words used for ‘authorities’ and ‘leaders’. The word translated “authorities” can be literally translated “higher power” and suggests spiritual authority. Church leaders are the ones anointed and appointed by God to carry his authority for the purposes He determines. These purposes must not be undermined by rebellion, disobedience and opposition from the ones who claim to be on the same side!

How many pastors are speaking in support of the spirit of anti-Christ and silencing the voice of the saints speaking truth? Christians, particularly pastors and church leaders are the “Elders in the Gate” - the watchmen in your town. True spiritual authority, which is higher authority than political power, is in the hands of the Church. It seems that the watchmen have become so passive that they are now totally ineffective in the public sphere.

My question of the last few weeks has been, “Is there a prophet in Canada?” Collectively the church should be the prophetic voice to the nation. The idea that you cannot speak out against ungodliness is to silence the saints and ultimately the voice of God which is calling for a course change - calling the nation to repentance and revival. God forgive us, and give us another chance to speak out boldly against the unrighteous ruler who decries the church and promotes ungodly practices in our nation. 

“Blessed is the nation who’s God is the LORD.”

“Only righteousness exalts a nation.”

The suppression and oppression of the church by blind guides will prevent many from entering in to the saving grace and blessings of God. It is our part to speak out and turn the tide of souls headed for destruction.

This Present Darkness

So back to the present declared state of emergency. Practically speaking it no longer exists. There is no threat to our healthcare infrastructure. We have the supplies and equipment we need for treatment. The illness itself will persist for years. It won’t go away, no matter how long we lock ourselves inside. We cannot remove it from society by closing down society. So presently in terms of response to this new virus, only the oppression which was at one time thought necessary remains. The suspension of rights and freedoms must end. Churches do, in fact, offer essential services. We know the risks,  can make our own risk assessment and function without government superivision and without coercing anyone into a supposedly dangerous situation. Those who are at risk or in fear can stay home. No one should violate another individual’s right to “distance” if they feel they need it. Let us not be space invaders. But for those of us who are not and may never have been in fear it is time to stand up and walk in the freedom for which we have been set free. 



*From “The Free Dictionary” (quoting Collins COBUILD English Usage © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 2004, 2011, 2012)

1. 'politics'

The noun politics is usually used to refer to the methods by which people get, keep, and use power in a country or society.

She is interested in a career in politics.

Her parents never discussed politics.

When politics is used like this, you can use either a singular or plural form of a verb with it. It is more common to use a singular form.

Politics is sometimes about compromise.

American politics are very interesting.

Politics can refer to a particular set of beliefs about how countries should be governed or power should be used. When you use politics like this, you use a plural form of a verb with it.

I think his politics are quite conservative.

Politics can also refer to the study of the ways in which countries are governed, and of the ways in which people get and use power. When you use politics like this, you must use a singular form of a verb with it.

Politics is often studied together with Economics.


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