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I had a picture of a huge canopy with a huge crowd of people standing underneath it. The was a spill over of people all around the edges out side of the canopy.

The canopy was the presence of God and he had spread this canopy over his people. The people on the outside of the canopy were watching what was going on but didn't feel like they were a part of it or included in it.

God start to speak and said he is about to move the canopy. Things will not look the same as they always have. Things are going to be totally different and the move might be strange for people and a bit scary but he was asking are we ready to move. Some of the ones on the edge of the canopy just watched as it moved away, some ran after it, and it was possible that some of the ones underneath the canopy could be lost, but the Lord was asking are you ready to move with me, are your hearts ready to go when I cry move out, move out, move out.

He does not want any to be left behind. He wants everyone ready. Ready to move, no matter what it looks like.

Jane Goodwin

Jane loves Jesus. Loves to worship, and loves to hear His voice.


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