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January 17, 2013

Today as we were going into a store there was a young boy, about 11 , begging. We passed by to go into the store. As I watched from the store window I looked at him closely. Dirty, unkempt clothes, his nose was running and a look of sadness, rejection on his face. His hood was up to keep warm, his hands shoved in his pockets and he spoke to people passing by. Some stopped and spoke with him, and gave him money. Some kept walking.

When we left the store I said to John, please give this child some money. We stopped and in Bulgarian John asked him his name.
John said, so you are an angel?
“Yes” he said.
As John handed him the money he said again in Bulgarian, “Angel, Jesus loves you.”
This small, neglected, sad boy broke out into the biggest smile I have ever seen. His eyes lit up and beams of joy were all over his face. Not from us. Not from the money. But to know Jesus, the King loves him. An incredible moment.

Was he really an angel? I don't know. But I will never forget that smile.


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